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I get my inspiration in the Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon, in my beloved partner Kris, in my travelling and in beautiful people. My Practice guides me in my evolution and my passion to share.

At an early age Anamarta became aware of the subtle energies and her own ability to commune with Spirit. Her grandmother initiated her into the family lineage of Medicine Women. Anamarta's own explorations led to darshan with the Dalai Lama, a connection with the Indian spiritual teacher Dr Usha Sharma at her home in the Himalayas, and witnessing last rites in Varanasi.

Exploration of the tantric path led to meeting Master Kris Deva North and formal Taoist initiation. She dedicated herself to the Tao and trained with Grandmaster Mantak Chia. With a natural ability to teach, Anamarta qualified as a Taoist Teacher of the Universal Healing Tao UK, and developed her unique Jade Egg Holistic Practice and Kuan Yin Qigong that she now shares with women around the world.
She has also qualified as an Advanced Instructor of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Anamarta integrates the essence of a personal practice that includes: Crystal Healing, Qigong and Tai Chi, Belly Dance; and since connecting with a Kahuna in Hawaii, the sacred rituals of the Hula. In India where she spends part of the year teaching, and learning: she immerses herself in the culture of the Kalbelia Gypsy tribe of snake charmers with their Sapera 'Gypsy' Dance in the desert of Rajasthan.

Her teaching includes shamanic practices and ceremony that began as part of her life with her grandmother. Nowadays, impelled by her free spirit, Anamarta travels from the Indian desert to Hawaiian beaches, from Irish Celtic to South American shamanic lodges, embracing with gratitude the opportunities to share, and to learn tribal and ancient rituals from women of different cultures across the world.

Watch the video 'Sharing Taoist Practice' by Anamarta and her partner Kris Deva North. They offer training together to Mixed Groups and Couples.

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Anamarta facilitates Travelling Circle and Jade Circle® London Meditation for Women Kuan Yin Chi Kung


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