Kuan Yin Chi Kung Yin Meditations for Women

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Jade Circle® - Tao of Feminine Empowerment

The Jade Circle® is a group for women to explore the Yin aspect of the Taoist practices. Many of these practices are described in Mantak Chia's book "Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy".

The practices help to bring more awareness into your body and deepen your connection with your Self, enabling you to bring more loving, creative energy into your life.

We aim to bring these practices to life - facilitating your experiences in an accessible and supportive way, in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment.

All women are welcome - no previous experience is needed: in fact all our experiences are valued and can contribute to the group pool of knowledge. Our meditations address the needs, interests and desires of those who attend - weaving together a rich tapestry of feminine energy, wisdom and experience.

We cover the basics of the practices and delve deeper into more advanced practices of Ovarian Kung Fu - including Jade Egg exercises.

A Jade Circle® session might include:

  • Welcome Circle
  • Warm up, Stretch, Tao-Yin self-massage
  • Kuan Yin Chi Kung
  • Meditation on Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds
  • Introduction to Microcosmic Orbit, Ovarian Breathing, and Jade Egg practice
  • Feedback and Farewell

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We call our women’s group the Jade Circle® and the men’s group Jade Arrows. These terms reflect the nature of yin and yang energy. All people constitute both yin and yang energies but all women are more yin than all men and all men are more yang than all women. Yang energy tends to be more linear and goal directed. Yin energy tends to be more intuitive, flowing and relational.

The emphasis in our culture, and particularly evident in the business world, is on the development of our yang energies. This leaves both women and men underdeveloped with regard to yin capacities, but their is a greater impact on the physical and mental well being of women, given their larger quota of yin energy.

With our work we hope to make a contribution to a future world where yin and yang energies are valued equally, within and between individuals. The first step is the self.

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