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The Jade Egg

famous chinese drilled jade egg used in Taoist practice

The 'famous Chinese DRILLED JADE EGG' is traditionally
used in female Taoist Practice to tone the pelvic floor, P-C muscle
(the love muscle), energise the reproductive area leading to pain-free
menstruation and relief of many symptoms of reproductive conditions
and enabling a fantastic sex-life. This was how women keep their sexual
health, vitality, natural beauty, tune into their womb wisdom and self-healing.

The Jade Egg Practice is a Chi Kung practice for the reproductive organs, moving the chi (energy), offering a way for women to create and live a harmonious, pleasurable and 'juicy' life.

This amazing 'tool', when properly used, is indeed great to enhance women's optimal health, harmony, inner strength, rejuvenation and honour the sacred feminine within; when working holistically the benefits are on all levels: the physical, emotional and energetic.

Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity, promoting health and abundance. Energetically jade is a protection stone and brings harmony. Spiritually jade encourages the empowerment of becoming 'who you really are' and connecting with your inner wisdom. Emotionally jade is a 'dream-stone' with potential to bring insightful dreams. Physically jade is a cleansing stone aiding the body's filtration and elimination functions, healing the kidneys (linked with the sexual organs, they regulate our life force - sexual energy), and heals the heart.

Jade Affirmation by Anamarta

"I am healthy and whole in my body, mind and soul. I love to live, a life of plenty where abundance continually flows; and my inner wisdom shows where to go."

famous chinese drilled jade egg used in Taoist practice

Our Jade Eggs are High Quality Guaranteed Nephrite Jade (from the Cassiar Mountains in north west Canada). Different from other crystals, does not absorb bacteria, and is therefore safe and hygienic for internal use: an investment for life.

Each Jade Egg is subject to rigorous scrutiny by Anamarta who personally guarantees the quality based on her 15 years experience working with crystal healing, gemstones and jewellery.

famous chinese drilled jade egg used in Taoist practice

Your egg is hand crafted to the ideal medium size perfect both for beginners and advanced practice, and measures approximately 43mm (1.75 inches) long, 30mm (1.25 inches) wide at the widest, and 95mm (3.75 inches) circumference, drilled all way through and comes complete with pouch and comprehensive written instructions on how to prepare your jade egg, how to get started + exercises and useful tips.

You can purchase your Jade Egg for £57+p&p delivered 'Signed For' by Royal Mail. Allow 7 days UK/Europe 14 days world.

(Please note that for reasons of hygiene string is not supplied with the Jade Egg. Instead we recommend plain dental floss as sterile and easy to be added and removed at each use. Also no refunds due to it's intimate nature)

Why just High Quality Jade Egg?

Through its hardness, colour and vibration you can assess the quality of a crystal. And these are the crystals, gemstones chosen for fine jewellery and sculpture.
*** Our Jade Egg because of its rare fibrous formation is hard, so is very unlikely to break or crack.
*** Unlike other crystals the high quality nephrite jade does not absorb bacteria, and is therefore safe and hygienic for our practice.
*** The high vibration, especially for those who have never worked with crystal healing, opens up the healing properties this jade egg carries.

NOTE THAT NEPHRITE JADE (EVEN CERTIFIED) IS NOT ALL HIGH QUALITY AS IS PRESENTED... I know this from my own experience and know by trial what is in the market.

To get the best for one of the sacred parts of our female body, the Jade Egg becomes an extension of how I acknowledge my sacred feminine self.

Be aware there is a lot of fake jade around, and the 'New Age Jade' that are stones with similar appearance but completely different constitution, vibration and properties.

Also beware that not all crystals are safe to wear inside our genitals as they can be toxic, crack, and bring unpleasant side effects.

Our Jade is safe, and a great crystal to begin this intimate journey towards the self, as it carries the greatest balance between gentleness and power. The Taoists, for thousands of years, called it "the Stone of Heaven".

To make the most of it follow the procedure that comes with your Jade Egg Instructions, and you are welcome to learn it in detail at the Jade Egg Initiation 2.5 Days Workshop - which offers a safe and complete use of the Jade Egg as a Tool, a Jewel and a Talisman maximising it's benefits.

famous chinese drilled jade egg used in Taoist practice

Why Medium Size Jade Egg?

Our Jade Egg is the ideal medium size: perfect both for beginners and advanced practice. Ideal for all women because a women's Jade Gate (vagina) is like a sponge which expands and contracts - the Jade Gate is indeed flexible, (it's how we give birth!) I know it would be natural to assume that a woman who had children might need a bigger egg than another who didn't; but in reality it depends on your body constitution, physiology, the sports, exercise taken in life...

Myself I started the practice at an early age wearing such a small egg - it was so hard to work with that made the practice quite difficult and not productive. And with large eggs it is almost impossible to do the dexterity practices (develop different sensations in different parts of our Jade Gate) so I recommend the medium size egg for all women.

All this to say the size doesn't have much to do with the Jade Egg Practice, and whoever sells them like this I wonder if they do the practices themselves or is just simply a business of selling eggs.

What is really important in this Jade Egg Practice is learning how to properly use the egg, learning the deep connection with the body, with our sexual organs - developing a deep awareness how to use the muscles, bring healing and enhancing pleasure.

Would you like to learn more about the Jade Egg?

famous chinese drilled jade egg used in Taoist practice

Anamarta shares the Secrets in the tradition of four thousand years at the Jade Circle Workshops and Talks around the world, and regular evening Circles in London. This is part of the Jade Egg Holistic Practice and Kuan Yin Chi Kung created by her with the aim to share the Tao of Feminine Empowerment, through Ancient Secrets which can be easily applied and benefit the lives of modern women, an idea that can be taken further as a journey into their Divine Feminine, to reclaim their infinite inner resources, for self-healing and self-mastery.
This benefits all women (women from any age can benefit from this Practice and the Jade Egg) who want to cultivate their feminine empowerment, to strengthen the yin energy of being receptive, intuitive, mystical; to trust and simply to be, and harmonise with the yang energy of being rational, giving and doing, for a fulfilled, healthy and harmonious life.

You can always contact Anamarta directly at anamarta.jadecircle@gmail.com
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