Kuan Yin Chi Kung Yin Meditations for Women

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"When I first came across to the Jade Egg I didnŽt expect anything... I knew how the Daoist practises had enhaced my life and the only thing I was looking for was to bring my practises one step further....but life is full of lovely surprises... the Jade Egg has helped me to connect a part of me that was totally disconnected and I didnŽt know how to put back again....and that for me has been and it is amazing!! Nowadays my relationship with my Egg is very Special and Sacred... The Jade Egg practise itŽs a beautiful practise and I would recommend it to any women looking for bliss in their lives... I know my relationship with my Egg and with my Daoist practises it will last forever!!!!"
S.R (Sales & Marketing Consultant)

"These practices have made me so aware of my body and what it needs. I started having irregular and heavy periods, the GP’s solution was to prescribe the contraceptive pill. However, I knew there was a problem. After many tests it was discovered that I had 3 small fibroids in my uterus. The position of these fibroids increase my risk of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy. Given the early detection they were removed without too much disturbance to my bodies normal function. I now listen to every message my body gives me. I find these practices a great way to check in with my entire body about how I am really feeling."
E.P. (Graphic Designer)

"I love the Jade Egg and the Jade Egg practices! The Jade Egg has helped me to love every aspect of my body and being. It helped me to reconnect myself with my sexuality and sensuality. I only wish I had come across it earlier on in my life!"
U.H. (Administrator)

"For many years I have been searching for the ‘one’, after 2 particulary destructive relationships 10 years apart, I ended up with gynocological problems requiring surgery both times. These practices have helped me realise that the most important relationship is the one I am having with myself. I have a greater understanding of my mind and body and would recommend these practices to anyone who is searching. You have the answers and these practices are the keys to unlocking them. I wish I had listened to my body before it had to give me with such a hugh wake up call, twice. "
L.P. (Advertising)

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