Kuan Yin Chi Kung Yin Meditations for Women

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Created for the Jade Goddesses (all women who have completed the Jade Circle Workshop), taking them back to their Jade Egg initiation

This workshop is designed to follow your inner marriage, to support the continuing Blossoming into the Fullness of your Beauty!
For you to cultivate your self-empowerment and compassion.

This whole day brings the opportunity to:
Learn new things which you can easily integrate in your Jade Egg Holistic Practice, refresh it and go deeper, deeper within, within you Divine Feminine Self.

"A lovely workshop full of useful information and tips. Beautiful meditations and journeys." Anna V.

Emerged in the year of the Dragon, to connect deeply with his essence, to welcome the Spring within, the renewal energy, planting new seeds and rising of those already planted.
(To know more about how this workshop emerged scroll all the way down.)***

Kuan Yin QiGong, Shamanic Practices, Ritual, Dance and more to explore: the Wood Element, and balance of the yang & yin within.

The Wood Element is connected with the Liver, where desire flows...
And the Gallbladder where indecision can take place, but also can be dispersed and recycled - it's in our hands to do so, as you learned in the Jade Circle workshop.
Other emotions related with the Wood Element that can be recycled as well, besides anger, are frustration, self-judgement, guilt.

Also associated with the liver, besides kindness and generosity, the important virtues of self-acceptance and forgiveness - we are going to be working with these:

*** Accepting yourself unconditionally!
Make friends with your evil twin (our shadow side, understand it and be in tune with her!)
*** When we can forgive the unforgivable, starting with self-forgiveness, we are truly free!...

"A very powerful rebirth experience. I feel cleansed, positive and new...Thank you for your beauty, grace, wisdom, smile and friendship. Aloha to the new life." S.E.

* Journey and Ritual of Self-Rebirth.

* Aloha Mahalo - Hawaiian Meditation from Calabash of Light towards forgiveness and love.

* Deepening Roots, Expanding Branches - Rooted you are, higher you fly!...

* Calling Forces: Centre In Your Power!

* Activating Wood meridians (Liver and Gallbladder) and strengthening them with Qigong.

* Embracing Health and Renewal - to be present in your everyday life!

* Eggxercises - unique Jade Egg exercises developed by Anamarta.

* Gypsy Kalbeliya Dance from the Rajasthani Deserts - connect with your inner fire, embrace sensuality and have fun! The Kalbeliyan people are the snake charmers tribe, known by their mystic nature and mesmerising music.


"Thank you for opening such a beautiful, sacred space for us to shed skin and rebirth. Powerful magic, magical power. I feel open and ready to realise dreams, live life fully and manifest my inner desires. Aloha Mahalo." Máire G.

This day also brings you an Introduction to the Advanced Jade Egg Holistic Practice; for those who have learned this already, an opportunity to evolve their continuing practice.

'Rebirth' can be approached in various ways, but as in the Tao, you'll have your own way, according to your own needs to explore it and embrace it.

Something that inspires me is the fact that every time we let go what no longer serves us we create space for new to flow and grow! As light can not exist without dark, but we can keep within the light, the very Taoist approach of transforming the negative to cultivate the positive, to live in the potential of our being, creating and enjoying the life we want to live!
Remember: Life is full of possibilities. Every moment presents an opportunity to fulfil your wildest dreams.

"It was great! Loved the Hawaiian meditation and the spiral energy one. Thank you very much Anamarta... It was lovely as always. LOVED THE RITUAL AS WELL." Carolina G.

"I loved the strong wicca/shamanic element to the workshop. The rituals were all deeply powerful, as was the energy within the space, that is held, as always, so beautifully by Anamarta. I loved how skillfully she integrated practices from different traditions, whilst continuing to teach from the Tao. Thank you" Tara L.

After the workshop you will receive an ebook with "Secrets of Rebirth and Health" - filled with insightful information, tips, practices and various things to try and apply.

*** This special workshop is a result of a divine inspiration that flowed through my Jade Egg, myself, as it was in the Dragon's year, (Jade being the solidified semen of a Dragon) that this inspiration emerged:
Something absolutely unique to explore the energy of the Wood Element deeper than ever, to have an introduction (or continuing evolution) of the Advanced Jade Egg Holistic Practice, with Jade Egg exercises not experienced before! Integration of deep healing and insightful Shamanic Practices, from Taoist tradition and other things I grew up with and learned in my travels around the world...
The rebirth ritual and journey created for the occasion - I remember one of the funniest things I heard from one of the dearest Jade Goddesses, that I was a "spiritual midwife," hehe... But is indeed with deep commitment and sacredness that I'll hold the space for you to have your 'Rebirth of the Self', which every year makes me assist with all present in blossoming into the fullness of their beauty!!

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